Why People Quit. Episode 2: Finding your Purpose to Build Strength & Avoid Setbacks. Derek & Dr. Tony

Why do we or our friends quit? We want to feel stronger, look good, or lose weight; But when we start doing to the work to get there, we lose motivation. WHY? In this episode 2 with Derek of Life Performance Enhancement we learn the specific steps his clients do to find their personal purpose that affects their heart, mind, body and/or spirit. When you find your  perseverance, then you start to perform the strength formulas and do the repetitions without giving up on yourself.

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(3:30) Finding your Source of motivation BEFORE setting goals.

(5:50) Self-awareness how your heart, mind, body and/or spirit. How this changes by your motivation.

(13:50) Strength building starting with hardwiring the brain-nerve-body connection.

(20:10) Importance of patience, positive mindset. Progressive quality of movement, then increasing the weight/reps.

(14:20) The Linear strength building formula. Start movement in different planes to assess different muscles-how a coach helps.

(31:40) How to get stronger by muscle overload by changing repetition range for pushups (for example), then change resistance and load.

(39:50) Derek’s recap of today’s outline.

(41:50) When your motivation is wrong, you make reaching your goals harder.

(45:10) Intro to the next episode.