Why Millennials will Win. Clip from Upland HS Career Day April ’18

Full video: Millennial’s and Me in the Future of Healthcare.

As people, it is easy to generalize about a generation.  The generalization of the present late teens and 20 year olds is WRONG.  Let me justify this statement.

There is no doubt our world, school and homes have and will continue to be more techie.  This means we communicate, learn and work via our phone (85% on average), then laptops and tablets.

My dinosaur generation (40’s and 50’s) want to fight this change, so we don’t adapt and complain.  Ironically, these millennials are called up to take on techie jobs that every company needs.  So, in my opinion, these millennials have adapted to our technology and will win.

Let’s see which generation is correct in a few years.

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