Upper Body Stretches for Posture/Strength @Brookdale July ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

Having tight or painful muscles in your neck, shoulders or upper back can cause headaches, neuropathy, lack of sleep, lose balance and anxiety.  These exercises stretch and strength exercises to improve your posture, build muscle and relax your body.

Note: you can jump directly to the detailed exercises via video links.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:00) Keep moving even with pain.

(3:40) Start with wrists, then elbow motion.

(7:20) Get and keeping healthy habits.

(11:30) Shoulder stretch#1, single arm across body.

(13:50) Shoulder stretch #2, both front arm raise.

(14:30) Shoulder stretch #3, single arm external rotate.

(18:30) Shoulder strength exercise #4, reverse fly –video.

(20:40) Wall posture check, then walk –video.

(26:50) Neck range of motion video.

(29:00) Stretch your upper traps/neck –video.

(32:30) Sitting Checklist –video.

(34:50) Exercise Review

Learning and routinely exercising can improve your strength and keep your relaxed.  Then you can tolerate the stressors of daily life and feel good.?

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