The Modified Chair Squat Exercise to Build Back Strength

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Looking to improve your back strength?  Here is a great exercise to also help your posture.  Then sitting for long periods or having a job then requires bending/lifting, will not make you anxious.

The goal here is to train your body in a good posture position.  Start with standing again a wall and checking your posture with the 6 Second Posture Check.

Then start changing improving your posture with The Wall Squat.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start with a few wall squats to remember the straight position with movement.

  2. Then standing at the back of a chair.

  3. Normal Squat: start with lowering your body, and allow your body to naturally allow your tailbone to stick out.

  4. Now perform the Modified Chair Squat by keeping tailbone tucked in, keeping your back straight.

  5. Bend down only enough maintain this posture.

  6. Repeat this 4-5 times.  Increase number of repetitions as strength improves.

Recovery from back pain can be done naturally by a chiropractor.  He or she can help guide in improving your health by adjustments, therapy and rehab exercises.  Then continuing this and other exercises builds strength, improve posture and tolerate the stress of your daily lives.

Then enjoy Health from the inside out.

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