The EPIC Realignment: A Different, Precise and Effective Adjustment. Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, a practitioner of EPIC, explains.

This week’s #crookedspineshow.

There are a plethora of spinal adjustment techniques to heal your body and tolerate your daily stress. The EPIC adjustment is specific in the analysis using instrument-based equipment to give a precise adjustment. Today’s interview is with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro who practices EPIC in his current New Jersey practice. He is one of only three offices in the world (as of the fall of ’22) that specializes in using this painless, cutting-edge sound wave technology to help fix the body. Let’s listen and learn how.

A few topics covered—

-As a seasoned chiropractor on New York, how did you gain the knowledge and experience to help so many people in your 5 clinics?

-Now in New Jersey, your treatments seemed to be around EPIC. How is it similar and different than traditional chiropractic adjustments/treatments?

-Explain when using sounds waves with EPIC cause exponential benefits.

-Now that we have a good idea how chiropractic works to realign the spine, how can it cause peak body performance?

-Being a chiro for more than two decades (like myself) what are a few personal characteristics that help you “care” for patients?

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