SWEATLOGIC: a new Micro Studio Community to help your Body & Mind. Owner and guest Vanessa explains. CSP


As we get ready to start 2022, the comical “new year’s resolution” to get healthy begins; and ends a month later for most people. The corporate, box gym setting is where most of these failures occur. SweatLogic is a micro studio in Upland helping members find a higher level of health (physical as well as mental) by their large variety of classes that range from strength and balance exercises to meditation classes. Find out why Vanessa Gomez started SWEATLOGIC, the short and long term health benefits the members have experienced, and why more people are gravitating here.

Checkout SWEATLOGIC classes here, and see what people are saying about it.




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(3:40) Why Vanessa started this micro studio.

(5:10) What to expect your first days/weeks in this community.

(8:30) Barre work classes explained.

(14:10) How trainers help you use the TRX, water rowers, etc. to make workouts fun.

(17:30) Vanessa explains yoga vs. pilates; and she describes her classes.

(23:00) Improving your mental health with this type of coaching.

(25:20) Long-term benefits for members.

(28:10) Vanessa takeaways to help you, now.