Suzan Jackson is my Expert who Helps People Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long-term Illness Symptoms

New Crooked Spine Show episode

If you know someone that has a chronic illness (like long-term COVID effects), finding help is frustrating and usually disappointing. Suzan Jackson is my new advocate to help these people. She has suffered from ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 20 years now and Lyme disease for about 15 years. She has learned to live a “new normal”. Suzan has helped guide people and their families in finding help for chronic illness by sharing her story on her blog and videos.

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(6:00) Sue’s illness story; what she learned to help herself, to help you.

(12:30) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CF) is Sue’s diagnosis. Finding out became her double-edge sword. Why she (and others) are more prone for this condition-like her sons.

(20:30) CF throws off your blood pressure, heart rate and sleep; how medications help.

(26:20) One of the causes of CF is Lime Disease (transmitted via ticks); how it is best diagnosed/treated; why it is missed; long term effects.

(30:30) How Sue gets through her day. I’m surprised what she adds in and eliminates.

(38:15) Sue’s avoids the severe fatigue with CF by mindset and naps.

(40:30) Family/friends support can help or hurt.

(41:20) Exercise: how much help/hurts? Using beta blockers.

(45:50) Sues educational platforms helps you understand the sources of CF (long Covid, SARS, mono, etc.)

(49:30) Sue’s book, “Finding a New Normal” helps emotional coping for long-term health conditions.

(54:30) My takeaway: Sue gives us how to see medical and emotional support to live a “new normal” quality of life.