Steps to a Healthy Brain, Forever. Jerry Baker explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Let’s talk about Brain Health. Are there simple habits we can start today to keep our brain and mind health and alert? Yes! And my expert today is a previous guest, Jerry Baker. He has done the research and written articles on this subject. Let’s find out how we can train our brain and mind to stay healthy.

Topics cover today—

*What age does the brain need extra help staying healthy?

*What foods are good for brain health. And do we need add supplements too?

*What activities keep the brain strong? (Ex. puzzles, reading, math, writing).

*How does physical activity improves brain health.

*Do our social connections help/hurt brain health?

*What is the effect of stress control help a healthy brain?

*How does hydration affect brain health?

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And the personal assessment tool (to get your supplements right)

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