Stenosis and Neuropathy Recovery

Stenosis can cause nerve conditions that have been traditionally treated with drugs and surgery.

11-x-ray-lateral-of-isolated-disc-resorption-the-black-arrow-points-to-the-significant-narrowing-of-the-disc-spaceIt is scientifically proven a specific Chiropractic treatment can reduced and resolve stenosis and its effects.  When x-rays are taken and analyzed a degenerative disc disease can narrow the neuroforaminal canal that will pinch a the nerve exiting the spine (see image at arrow).  This will cause neuropathy that can extend down the arm or legs.

With consistent Chiropractic care, this disc spacing can improve.  This will open the nerve canal, thus relieving pressure on the nerve and reducing neuropathy.

As mentioned in the video, here is Marian’s experience:

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