Spine Recovery after an Accident-Sam’s Case

Sam’s neck and back hurt after his wreck.  This is why.

whiplashIn an car accident case, the neck is not seat belted in.  This causes the neck (upon a rear impact) to “whip” back causing the front of the spine to sprain (image above/right).  Then as the car stops sharply from the impact, the next “whips” forward causing the back ligaments to strain (image above/left).


img_2131In our normal neck x-ray, there is a smooth curve backwards along with the disc spaces between the spinal bones being thick and symmetrical throughout.  The spine leans back. With normal motion, the spine will compress with load, then decompress when the body is relaxed (image describes x-ray).






sam39In Sam’s first x-ray after the car accident, you can see his neck is straight due to ligament and muscle sprain/strain that tightens the neck in this position.  The 39mm measure the Forward Head Posture relative to the head being back over the shoulders.

This structural positional, if allowed to heal this way, will not allow the spine to return normal motion or position, degenerate the discs, develop arthritis and cause nerve pain.





After months of Chiropractic care and postural exercises, Sam’s recovery show improvement of the spinal curve and reduced forward head posture from 39mm to 28mm forward.  Although not perfect, it allows to be certain the spinal motion has been return, so the spine and disc can stay healthy to stop arthritis and avoid nerve pain.






The Goal with Chiropractic care (adjustments and exercises) after an accident is return the injured person to a better normal structurally via x-ray improvement AND safeguard against any problems returning when treatment is completed.

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