Solving the Pain Puzzle. Rick Olderman’s New Book, and his Bird’s Eye View to Help You Fix Pain.

Rick is an expert physical therapist because he can teach it to his peers and the community so they can understand. He is a published author of manuals to help his colleagues and spreads the word through his “Fixing You” Series of self-help books for back, knee, neck, shoulder, elbow pain recovery. In addition Rick promotes health as a speaker, podcaster and social media.

This new book from Rick Alderman is different. From what I have read so far, this book “Solving the Pain Puzzle” helps us understand how Rick thinks when fixing pain. It seems to be a ten thousand feet bird’s eye view of his experience, research and knowledge has helped him understand the different aspects of one’s pain.

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Let’s understand more by having Rick Olderman explain when he wrote this book and how it can help us. Listen in.

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