Shoulder Wall Rise Exercise to Help Shoulder/Neck Pain & Posture with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

When dealing with chronic pain your posture can suffer.  Here is a way to fix it.

Sometimes a shoulder, neck, back injury can change your posture.  Especially when the initial injury heals with no pain.

When your posture changes over a long period of time, your spine/shoulders can start to stiffen. This can lean to weakness and chronic pain.  Unknown to you, your posture can change.

Starting rehabilitation:

Reduce the pain to a tightness.  Then start stretching to improve your posture.

NEVER start strength building in a poor posture position.  This will make you worse!

With our other stretches, use this Shoulder Wall Rise Exercise to stretch in the right direction.

Most people will start in this posture:

The goal is to get your head, shoulders and arms again the wall like this:

To perform the stretch start in the position above.  Then raise your arms to touch your hands:

Continue to slide along the wall five to ten times (or recommended by your chiropractor) to stretch and improve your posture.

This will help you stand up straight, bring your shoulders back.  Then add these exercises to build strength in your upper back and shoulders:

  1. 3 Shoulders Exercise

  2. Improve your Poor Posture with the Reverse Fly Exercise

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