Shoulder Exercises: Help for Pain Relief and Posture. Replay. @Gibson March ’19. Crooked Spine Show

With all our sitting there is an increase in shoulder, neck and upper back pain in our communities. How do we recovery and prevent this? This workshop is a replay to help you stretch and strengthen your shoulders and surrounding muscles to stay healthy. Listen in. 

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(3:40) Causes and effects of shoulder pain.

(7:00) Starting recovery with motion.

(8:10) Upper trap stretch. Loosen from your neck to your shoulder. 

(11:00) T stretch to unwind your shoulder joint (Chuck demos this).

(16:25) Towel stretch. General stretch for your shoulder and upper back.

(17:35) 3 shoulder exercises (to stretch and strengthen your shoulders in better posture.

(19:50) Proper walking & sitting posture to prevent body pains.

(20:20) Modified shoulder press to correct shoulder positions.

(21:10) Reviewing all the exercises.    

(21:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.