CSP 080: Shoulder Assessment, Rehab. Derek & Dr. Tony episode 4. Crooked Spine Show

Have a shoulder injury, looking to improve our throwing performance? Derek’s assessment is extensive and full body to help you find the underlying cause of your injury. Checkout Derek’s steps and exercises to help your shoulder and whole body get healthy.

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(3:30) Who this episode can help.

(5:00) The assessment starting with the feet/ankles at (6:40), then knees/hips at (9:20), chest (15:50), and back at (18:00).

(25:30) Side assessment: pelvis, thoracic spine, then shoulders.

(34:50) Importance of posture.

(39:40) specific exercises for self rehab of the shoulder.

(47:00) How to use a band for shoulder rehab.

(51:00) Why a whole body assessment is most effective for rehab.

(55:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap.