Scar Tissue: Origin and Prevention

A healthy spinal joint has normal motion.  Motion is caused by muscle and ligaments.  Muscles have elasticity that allows the body to flex and bend.  Spinal ligaments have relatively minor elasticity causing only bone to bone motion.  Specifically in the front and back of the vertebrae.

Here is the difference when the body moves:

When there is a injury or trauma to a ligament or muscle, tears in the fibers cause healing in a cross section formation. An example of this is bone healing; the cross fibers make the bone stronger. 

On the contrary, muscle and ligament healing occurs by scar tissue formation.  Scar tissue is like glue, locking the joint but can be broken up.   Chiropractors break up the scar tissue, returning healthy joint motion.

If scar tissue is allow to remain, then arthritis can develop even WITHOUT PAIN. 

In summary, scar tissue forms when a soft tissue injury heals.  If the scar tissue remains, then arthritis can develop.  Chiropractors break up scar tissue to prevent arthritis.

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