Local Business On-line Marketing Now. Talk w/ Claremont Students-Part 1: Spring ’17

Mr. Williams has given these students the hardware and software to build websites and produce short videos at this school.  I have seen some success in my practice through my experience developing my website, videos and using social media to share my office.  Today I try to guide them how to find clients for these websites by explaining what a business owner is looking for.


Marketing a local office (2:30).

Facebook Ads can help (5:20).

Promote businesses through video (8:20).

Want to be in the video or editor? (9:20).

How to get pain to build a company’s website (14:00).

#1 type of new patient/client we want (17:10).

Building trust with a potential client (25:00).

Why R.O.I is important to a business (26:45).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (30:05).

Understand that websites continue to change with a business’s needs.  Adding videos, reviews and content placement on a website can bring a company more calls and bookings to a business…what we want.  And using social media that attracts more attention to a website can help these students build websites and produce videos for a profit now.

Part 2 (Oct. ’17 talk) will give you the changes that have occurred in about 6 months.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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