Remove Scar Tissue, Prevent Arthritis. Clip from Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Clip from Gibson Talk, Nov. ’17.

Full Video: Upper Back and Shoulder Recovery Exercises

Having an injury (even when you recover without medical care), can cause scar tissue.  Scar tissue acts like glue to limit/stop joint motion in any part of the body.

When you limit joint motion (elbow, spine, etc.) ligaments that connect bone to bone loose their elasticity, like that tension on rubber band. This can cause pain and weakness and poor posture.

We need to break this scar tissue, even if painful, before it becomes permanent.  This is called arthritis that can be seen on an x-ray.

Breaking up scar tissue in joints away from the spine (knee, shoulder, hip) can occur with a physical therapy and performing exercises on your own.

Scar tissue in the spinal joints/column can degenerate the spinal discs causing neuropathy.  Through chiropractic adjustments, the scar tissue can be removed, returning spinal motion to stop the neuropathy.

An x-ray analysis of the spine is your best way to know if scar tissue can be removed, or if arthritis can made your pain, poor posture, etc. permanent.

Full Video: Upper Back and Shoulder Recovery Exercises

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