Proper Walking for Posture, Balance, Strength. @Brookdale Nov. ’18 (replay) | #crookedspineshow

Want to avoid falling, have an injury? Take a tip from athletes by doing these small exercises. These first steps are the building blocks to becoming a better balance and a healthier person. Doing these exercises DAILY will help you regain or maintain a better walking motion, balance and strengthen in your lower body. Then you can lower the risk of injuries and falling.

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(0:45) First, improve standing posture.

(4:15) Wall walking exercise.

(6:50) Why lean back/staying on your heels helps.

(9:00) Rolling feet exercise.

(13:00) Brian demos above exercises.

(16:00) Knee raise exercise.

(17:30) Eyes closed during wall walking.

(19:45) Walking backwards exercise.

(24:45) Above exercises with a Walker.

(31:10) Betty demos exercises with walker.

(35:30) Lorraine (99 years old) demos exercises.

(41:30) Proper sitting posture.

(46:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.