Prevent Falling by Learning to Improve your Balance w/ these Exercises. @Gibson April ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Balance and Falling issues can be the result of other problems such as weak muscles or limited joint motion. This workshop will give you individual exercises to strength weak muscles and improve coordinated movement when walking to give you better balance. Overall doing these exercises consistently will help you maintain your independence, and feel confident moving without falling.

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How our brain, nerves and movement work to tune your balance.

Seated: working on your low body balance.

* Alternate feet rolling.

* Alternate knee extensions.

* Alternate leg lifts.

Standing: moving with good balance; check your posture first.

* Why your normal may not be ideal.

* Strengthen quads with wall squats.

* Assisted alternate lunges (using wall, chair). Front and Back. Eyes Open/Closed.

Now put it together with Walking THIS way. 

* Rolling feet; fingers on the wall; head up.

* Eyes open; front and back.

* Eyes closed; front and back/

Using exercises above to Get Up From the Floor 

* This way or alternatives.

Learn other exercises to improve posture, reduce pain, and more–