Posture Exercise to Help Fight your Daily Stress. @Gibson Feb ’20. #crookedspineshow

Why do Chiropractors ask about your POSTURE? Poor posture leads to your spine losing motion. This is the leading cause of non-traumatic neck, back pain. Long term effects can be leg and arm nerve pain; and headaches.  So correcting and keeping good posture keeps you pain-free, strong and happy.  In this workshop you will be given posture exercises to build a routine.  When you can maintain a constant routine, then your body can stay healthy and strong to fight off your daily stress.

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(2:20) Stand posture checklist.

(6:40) How to sit to help your posture.

(17:10) Easy neck posture stretch.

(19:30) How build a routine helps.

(20:50) A low back stretch using a towel.

(23:40) The wall fly exercise for your upper back.

(26:35) Build back strength with these different squats.

(33:45) Doug demos all the exercises above.

(40:40) This walking exercise helps your posture.