Pillow Stretch Exercise for Upper Back and Neck Posture. Euclid Chiropractic

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When first starting care at Euclid Chiropractic, patients are given this stretch the upper spine.

Then this back stretch corrects posture of the neck and upper back along with secondary conditions (neck/upper back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, arm/hand numbness, etc.).

Beginner: Steps for this exercise starts with using a pillow about 6 inches thick in your middle back.  Place it right below the shoulders.  Start with 2 minutes with your hands at your side, then 2 minutes with your hands overhead.  Progressively at 1 minute in each position until you can do 4 and 4.

pillow-stretchAdvanced: In the same position, use a pillow about 12 inches thick in the same location.  If necessary, add a second small pillow (6 inches) to support the back of your head.  Progress from 2 minutes with your hands at your side, and 2 minutes with your hands overhead.  Then add a minute to each position to 5 and 5.


Check with your Chiropractor to ensure your are healthy enough to progress through this exercise.

Enjoy Health from the inside out.

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