Part 2: Improve Sitting Posture: Low Back Stretches

In part 1, we introduced the causes of sitting posture and 2 simple upper back exercises.

Go to our post for the details.

Warning: Your body should be free of current injury before performing this exercise to avoid further injury.

In part 2, these 2 back stretches will relieve pain and tightness. Dr. Ratkovic walks through the positions, so you see how to do these exercises safely.

Stretch 1: Pillow/Low Back Stretch

1.Start with putting a pillow (approx. 6in. in width) on the floor for the middle back, and a pillow for your head 2 times the size as the back pillow.

2.Lying down on your back to with lower pillow on the middle back and the head pillow on the back of your head.

3. Adjust middle pillow size by tolerance.

4.Bend your knees for comfort.

Stretch 2: First Low Back Stretch

1.Start on your stomach, on your forearms.

2.Raise your ankles to low back comfort.

3.Keeping your knees together, bend to one side to your comfort.  Hold for 30 sec.

4.Bend to the other side again to comfort.  Hold for 30 sec.

5.Repeat steps 3 & 4 on each side three times.

Everyone’s health is unique.

Euclid Chiropractic offers a complimentary consultation to evaluate your present posture and provide a custom workout for you.

Enjoy Health from the inside out.

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