CSP 006: Your Personal Trainer. How to get the most out of them. Interview with Mike, owner of New U Fitness


Mike, owner of New U Fitness, has grown his facility for the last 2 years by understanding how to build trust in his client’s physical health and nutrition.  When you do exactly what Mike says, you get healthy inside and out.

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8546 Sierra Ave
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Learn the simple steps to get the full benefits from a competent, personal trainer.

Here are the highlights (minute):

♦New client evaluation with Mike and dietician; build trust (4:00)

♦Injury recovery to get/stay healthy.  Giving it time (7:45)

♦Insane open training hours breeds accountability, then results (11:00)

♦How to lower medications & blood pressure (13:00)

♦Bringing in interns.  It’s not glorious (16:00)

♦Do we need supplements? (17:30)

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up

Mike helps people build the habits and confidence to get healthy through 1-on-1 training and nutrition.  The lasting effects improves physical, chemical and neurological wellness.  Testimonials from New U Fitness has seen results of lowered blood pressure, sustained weight loss and stress relief.  Trust Mike 100% and you WILL get and stay healthy.

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Each person is at a unique state of health.

Helping Change your Health from the Inside Out. 

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