Nancy D.’s Case Study of Recovery

Nancy came into the office for an exam and x-rays after having pain from the neck to the low back.  As a guest services employee at Disneyland, Nancy is required to stand and smile sometimes eight hours a day.

After x-rays and a consultation Nancy was shown her x-rays.  Here is our normal neck x-ray:

Normal curve, disc spacing between the bones, and alignment with the top spinal bone lining up with the bottom spinal bone.

Here is Nancy’s first x-ray:

In comparison to normal, you can see the straightening of the next (17mm Forward Head Posture), and narrowing of the disc spacing.  This will cause the vertebrae to loose motion then thinning out the disc.  This can cause neuropathy/pain locally in the neck and/or down the back and shoulders.

After weeks of chiropractic adjustments and added posture exercises, here is Nancy is working longer hours pain-free.  Here are her follow-up x-rays:

The forward head posture has been reduced from 17 to 11mm.  This is the result of increase spinal motion from adjustments and postural strength exercises.

And NOW she can keep the smile on her face at Disneyland.

Nancy D.’s Testimonial Story

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