Mike-100% Neck Posture Recovery by Restoring Spine Curve

Mike told his story of recovery in testimonial. Here it is:

Mike talks about having pain for 10+ years with no relief from medications and physical therapy.  The next step was possible surgery.

mike23-copyWhen coming to Euclid Chiropractic, Mike had an exam, took x-rays then had a report of his findings.  The doctors explained this x-ray with 23 mm of Forward Head Posture, narrow disc spacing and disc herniations; however, how we could fix it.  This could reduce Mike’s pain and restore his health.







During Euclid Chiropractic care Mike’s pain slowly reduced, posture exercises were add, and normal fun activities are home were returned.  Here is Mike’s new x-rays after 3 months of care.  See how Mike’s neck is perfectly over the shoulders causing zero Forward Head Posture and healthier spinal disc.





Chiropractic care WORKS when any treatment comes from an x-ray analysis and incorporates posture exercises.  Based on scientific research by Chiropractic Biophysics it will take time to improve the spinal structure, then see permanent improvement in a patient’s health.  Then a patient will continue healthy habits to stay health.

Every person’s health is at a unique state.  Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.


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