“My Pain-Relief Story”-May U. at Euclid Chiropractic

img_2119“Chiropractic has helped me decrease my lower back pain, and increase my activity throughout my day.  Getting help for my lower back has helped me with my daily, routine exercises and become more active.  I no longer have numbness down my leg, and no more excruciating pain for my lower back.

“Coming to the Chiropractor has allowed me to return to normal activities that I was not able to do while I had pain.  I was amazed by the difficult stretches to help strengthen my core to help my back.

“The staff answered all the questions I had before coming to the clinic to start my treatment.  The staff  are nice and welcoming when I first came here up to the present day.

“I have incorporated a few wellness activities such as: walking, jogging, running, yoga, biking and slowly adding more as I strengthen my muscles to maintain staying pain-free.  I have also changed my diet to become healthier.”

-Parichard (May) Utaranart

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