Back to Work: Spine Recovery-Luis

Luis suffered with back pain for over 10 years.  As a union iron worker out of Los Angeles, his profession requires heavy steal lifting (up to 230 lbs), 8+ hours a day, 5+ days per week.  Sometimes on the ground and on high rises.

When Luis finally came to Euclid Chiropractic, he wanted to continue working, but was not able to.  His server pain and abnormal x-rays concluded to be a disc problem in his low back causing neuropathy.  If he had not been treated soon, Luis may have needed surgery.

Because of the intensity of Luis’s condition, he took months of Chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and progressive posture exercises.  Luis did this testimonial/review after seeing his improved x-rays and feeling almost 100% healthy.  Watch his short testimonial to see what Luis recommends.

Do you think his recommendation is correct?  Let me know in the comments. 

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

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