Avoid Stress by Avoiding Scams. @Brookdale July ’19. Crooked Spine Show Podcast

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It’s impossible to avoid your email, paper mail or phone.  So learn how to protect yourself from being scammed that can affect you financially or emotionally.  Listen in.


(1:40) #1 way to avoid being scammed.

(3:10) How my grandma was scammed -almost.

(4:10) Is your cell phone safe?

(5:30) Gloria’s ambulance experience.

(7:30) Does our government protect us?

(8:50) Email -why seniors are attacked.

(10:40) Live alone? Protect yourself.

(13:35) Protecting your bank accounts, credit score.

(18:30) The new IRS scam.

(24:30) How I was almost scammed.

(29:10) Safer to buy in person? or on-line?

(35:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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