Low Back Pain Recovery: Steps and Exercises @ Gibson June ’18 w/ Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Recovering from back pain starts with finding the cause.  Is it a muscle strain, spinal joint pain, or nerve pain? Then once your treatment of choice reduces the pain to a tightness, start the exercises in this talk.  Then your full recovery (strength in a better posture position) can keep you from re-injury.

Highlights (Podcast times):

Recovery mindset; exam (1:20).

Check standing posture by wall posture check (4:20). Video

Why we need to move our joints (10:50).

Rachel’s success: walker to a walking without (14:00)

Avoid sitting cancer with the sitting checklist (17:40). -Video

No pain? Now start the low back roll stretch (23:00). -Video

Then stretch with moving when on your stomach (31:50) -Video

Now build muscle. Start with the wall squat (34:15) -Video

Getting strong? Try the chair squat (38:10) -Video

Stronger back improves balance and posture (47:50).

Dr. Tony’ wrap (58:15).

Causes of back pain is no longer a mystery.  We have the x-ray and MRI imaging to show where and how severe the source of the pain is coming from.  Relieving the pain is the first step to recovery. Then using this sequence of exercises in this workshop can help you regain flexibility, strength and posture.

Exercises Recap:

  1. Wall Posture Check

  2. Sitting Check list

  3. Low Back Roll Stretch

  4. Supine Low Back Stretch

  5. Wall Squat

  6. Chair squat

  7. Bonus: Knee exercise

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