Low Back Pain: Recovery Exercises; then Staying Strong & Flexible. @Gibson July ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Lower back pain can make you stop your daily routine, and make you anxious about certain movements and lifting anything. If the pain persists, then it can affect your sleep, mood and strength. In this workshop I help the audience understand the sources of of low back pain, when to start pain-relief stretching and when to add strength exercises. Then you can personalize your DAILY routine to KEEP your back strong to enjoy a phenomenal quality of life.

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Starting an exercise recovery program starts with knowing the source of the pain and your pain level. Before starting exercises.

Check and correct: 1. Standing posture 2. Sitting posture

Start with these stretches: 1. Low back roll 2. Supine outside hip stretch. 3. Seated figure 4 knee to shoulder.

Once the pain is gone then strength exercises: 1. Wall kick back (Thank you Dee for demonstrating this exercise) 2. Wall to chair squat 3. Walk THIS way.

Ask yourself:

“Do you want to live a good quality of life with a Healthy Back?”

“Then how will YOU keep a routine of stretches and exercises?”

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