Severe Low Back & Nerve Pain -David’s Review of Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

David was desperate.  He as suffered with back pain for 10+ years.  This had caused him to take days off from being an electrician, and use pain medication for relief. He never felt good about his back.

David is 50 and feels 65 years old.  He is scared because the last few years his back felt weaker.  Now, he tries to not move to fast or lift heavy things.  He is afraid his back was getting worse.  And it did.

When David’s friend brought him to the office, because the back pain turned into nerve pain down the leg.  David could barely stand because of the intensity of pain.

After an x-ray analysis, we were able to show David his pains were coming from his spine and disc problems.

Because David’s condition had deteriorated over 10 years, it was unsure if he could recover completely.

Treatments were frequent to allow faster healing.  David leg pain resolved; back pain reduced.  Exercises were given to stretch and strengthen his back.  This routine took weeks to help heal David’s spine-the cause of his back and nerve pain. 

We retook the x-rays, and here are David’s results after 10 weeks:

No nerve or back pain; back feels stronger; he can walk, get out of bed, and lift feeling strong.

David is now keeping up with his exercises and takes NO medications. 

Everyone is in a unique state of health.

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