Loud, Scary Pops and Screams. Mars’ 1st Adjustment for Back & Neck Pain Relief

Mars’ reaction to his first adjustment was a surprise to me.

After seeing his x-rays and understanding his limited motion in his back, clicking and weakness was coming from the spine, he agreed to get adjusted for the first time.

His wife had also agreed to get adjusted, after understanding the x-rays showed the cause of her neck and upper back pain.

She went first, and Mars freaked out by running out of the room.

Then it was his turn, Mars’ wife agreed to film it to see how it turned out. And glad we did.

Someone’s first chiropractic adjustment always excites me. Because you never know what your going to get as a reaction. And because we will only do the adjustment if it can give a person a relief, we feel confident when I perform this action.

As you can see in the video, Mars’s reaction goes from fear, anxiety, a bit of profanity, screaming and then smiling from release.

Performing an x-ray analysis first, then we can know where to cause a chiropractor adjustment that can benefit the patient.

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