Lose the Weight & Stay at your Goal Weight for the last time, Naturally. Nutritional Coach Brooke Simonson Gives you the Steps. Crooked Spine Show

Want to  lose weight for the LAST time without giving up carbs, counting every calorie, drinking meal replacement shakes, or other unsustainable extremes? Meet Brooke Simonson a Certified Nutrition Coach & Weight Loss Expert. Brooke helps you develop sustainable habits that work for YOUR unique lifestyle . Then you can STAY at your goal weight for good, and feel completely in control around food. RESULT: you start showing up as the trimmest, healthiest, most confident, most energized version of yourself!

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(5:30) Brooke’s transition from teacher to nutritional coach.

(9:00) Brooke’s 3A Approach for healthy eating and losing weight.

(12:10) Taking inventory of your relationships and mindset that help/hurt you.

(22:50) The Worth-It Chart. Choosing your foods.

(28:00) The benefits and steps to meal prep, hydration, and cutting out soda.

(41:50) Exercise helps you lose weight. A myth?

(45:00) How Brooke’s Health Investment Podcast helps