Living in a Stress State

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Stress Relief/Nutrition Talk with Christy on the Crooked Spine Show

All of us want to feel and look good ALL the time.  Being human, it takes work.

Living the day-to-day dog-eat-dog work can make it difficult (not impossible) to do this.

Short term we may not see any differences in our health.  Long term the body adapts to the stressors around us by causing our body and mind to stay in a stress state.

Examples of this are less recharging sleep, muscle/joint pain, abdominal pain, headaches, anxiety, grouchiness- you get the idea.  Then our body wants to stay in it’s new “normal” state by eating sugary foods and not exercising.

It takes work (physical activity and keeping a positive attitude) to stay healthy.  DO THE WORK! It won’t be easy or fun sometimes.  But we will look and feel good?

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