LIVE w/ Celina Celeste and Dr. Anthony Ratkovic, D.C.

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Remember to walk and breath; listen to podcasts at the same time.

Here are the stretch videos mentioned:

Standing/Walking posture check

Broomstick stretch

Upper Traps Stretch

First Low Back Stretch

Here are a few links/clips to what we are talking about:

Why higher health insurance

My job as your chiropractor

How less spinal motion causes pain/stress (full video)

->less motion, increased stress hormones

How irritated nerves cause pain

Medicate or fix the problem

To relieve pain; strong and relaxed

 Why habits hard to change

Your healthcare professional should care


The Wellness Prevention Paradigm, Dr. James Chestnut, 2011

His Youtube video: Why are we so sick? 

My links:

Crooked Spine Podcast

Crooked Spine Facebook

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