Learn to Be Happy, all the Time. Guest Stephen, Happiness Expert, explains. Crooked Spine Show

Want to get and stay happy? Here is you specific steps. Stephen V. Richardson. Stephen is a motivational speaker, published author. He has made his mission to help people find ways to get happy by finding healthy routines to keep a positive mindset. Steven explains how you can learn the skill of being happy…all the time.

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(8:00) Using your 5 senses to change your emotional state.

(15:30) Getting stuck in a poor mindset.

(18:45) Happiness is a skill you can develop.

(25:10) Importance of self-affirmations.

(30:00) Using superlatives to talking to others.

(34:40) How happiness affects your physical health.

(42:30) Steven’s Mantra to stay happy.

(46:00) Seeing what you believe; NOT believing what you see.