Jose’s Adjustment. Watch and Hear it at Euclid Chiropractic

This is Jose’s second or third adjustment.  His son filmed it.

Jose suffered from back pain and overall body fatigue for several months become coming to our office.  He did not want to take medication for his problem and was eating well.

Jose knew something was wrong.

After seeing our office videos on Facebook and YouTube, he wanted to try an adjustment.

We took x-rays at our office and did a full analysis with Jose.  We found the problem. Jose’s spine was locking up from the physical work he had done for years.  And the long hours driving.  His spine’s position was abnormal that was locking joints and pinching nerves.

This was cause the muscles to stay tight and his body to stay under stress.  Result for Jose was overall body fatigue.

After his first adjustment, Jose felt the difference.  Watch to the end of the video when Jose explains how he feels after this adjustment.

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