Why We Give: Testimonial from Jayden’s Dad


Joseph Ramirez, Father of Jaden Ramirez,

“As a father of two boys I believe physical activity and some form of sport is important in helping a child’s health and mental stability. Jaden is 8 years old. He wasn’t interested in sports. We tried soccer and baseball and he wasn’t too interested in either one. I was looking for some way to keep him active and healthy, and we came across this program, Fight for Our Future on Facebook. As with many other families we are going thru some financial difficulties and could not afford to pay for Jayden to get the training he needed. Fight for Our Future (FFOF) stepped in to help pay for Jayden enroll at UFC gym. Jaden is learning new things every class at UFC GYM and loves to go. Fight for Our Future also provided us with some nutritional counseling and nutritional supplements to help Jaden stay healthy. Jaden is very excited to grow with the program and to stay healthy with their assistance. Thank you for the continuous assistance Fight for Our Future!”

From Nathan, creator of this non-profit:

We also have several other kids at various other gyms waiting in the wings for sponsorship by the program. We are still working to raise some money to sponsor these other kids, so please reach out to anyone you know that might be interested in donating to FFOF. And for those of you who have already donated to the non-profit, thank you for your support. It makes a difference. I believe in the program which is why I’ve personally donated hundreds of dollars to get this thing going.

Euclid Chiropractic believes in a person’s overall health.  By being a monthly financial supporter of Fight For Our Future, we hope to help families like Joseph’s get the help needed to get and keep kids healthy.

Nathan Brodnax, Esq.

Founder, Fight for our Future

1520 N. Mountain Ave. Unit 118

Ontario CA 91762

For more info visit: http://fight4ourfuture.org

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fightforourfuture2016/

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