Injury-Free Steps to Start Building a Exercise Routine in Quarantine. Derek & Dr. Tony on Episode 3. Crooked Spine Show

We feel good..until we start exercising. So how do we start? Derek of LPE Performance explains the steps to starting (and continue) a progressive workout routine to get you healthy with low risk of injury. Checkout the show.

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(4:20) Assessment, first.

(10:35) Starting with muscle and joint flexibility.

(29:20) How to get results; when to expect results.

(34:40) Next is mobility; the different types.

(41:20) Then build function strength; different ways to exercise and reasons why.

(54:00) Lastly, build power…safely.

(1:04:00) Recap to get healthy out of quarantine (in order).

(1:12:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.