CSP 039 How to Stop Bullying. Jessica and Jerry, Power of One Martials Arts in Upland. Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

How do you deal with a Bully at your work, or at a kid’s school? This interview explains the physical and emotional mindset to help stop a bully. There events throughout the year will help you and your kids from being affect by a bully.

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(909) 942-1783

Highlights (podcast times):
(1:40) Why there is a need for Bully Buster events.
(2:50) Communication first.
(3:45) Build confidence.
(6:25) Training to handle stress better.
(10:15) Build emotional health.
(12:15) Event to help parents know their kids.
(14:15) Who is a bully?
(15:15) Similar Street Smarts event for adults (14 y/o+).
(18:00) Why all events open to the public.
(19:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Learn the steps to understand how to deal with a bully. With kids, how they can gain confidence and self-esteem to prevent themselves or friends to being bullied. Jeremy and Jessica put on free events throughout the year, so help yourself and kids.

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