How to Improve your Posture to Feel & Look Good @Gibson Dec. ’23. Upland, CA. Crooked Spine Show

The primary cause of most back, neck and other body injuries is poor posture when you sit, stand or while you walk. This workshop helps reset your posture to a standard normal; then get it stronger to endure sitting and standing for long periods. Checkout these exercises in this podcast. 

Workshop outline–

Which is better, a posture in Flexion? Or Extension? 

How to check your Standing posture; then fix it this way: 

*Stand/Walk this way. 

*Wall Squats

Correcting Sitting posture

*Try this checklist

Stretching common tight muscles with poor posture.


*Leg behind chair

Strengthen these muscles to improve your posture. 

*Wall kick back 

*Reverse Flys

More workshop to learn how to get pain-free and strong.

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