How Technology Helps OR Hurts the Doctor-Patient Relationship | Crooked Spine Show

Now in 2019, technology is everywhere.  For some it can be benefit their health.  However, senior patients, in general, still want doctors to listen to them and be personable-this builds trust. Can doctors use technology properly to help improve both the patient experience and make note taking and staff communication easier?

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:50) Bedside Manner-does your doctor have it?

(6:50) Does your doctor talk your language, use your technology?

(11:35) Excuses for long wait times; “pulling your head out of the Ipad.”

(16:05) Seniors upset with 3 minute office visits.

(18:50) Why staff helps/hurts patient experience; and their use of technology.

(21:50) How I treat my patients.

(25:50) Using technology to get yourself healthier.

(28:20) Are pills the answer?

(36:20) How docs can balance tech with bedside manner.

(39:50) Docs-benefits of talking or listening to patients.

(47:35) Are patients a number for doctors?

(50:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

The classic doctor experience involves looking into a patient eyes while listening; really listening.  Then using technology to communicate to staff and insurance companies a patient’s problem can be a benefit.  If doctors learn to “get their head out of the Ipad,” then we can have healthier and happy patients.

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