How Melissa Klepacki helps her Clients with Toxin Removal, Sleeplessness, Dehydration, “the other end” and more. Crooked Spine Show

Do you look for your health practitioners with as much detail as when buying a car or home? Usually not. Melissa Klepacki has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right practitioner, and help you live a better quality of life. She is a phenomenal health coach and enjoys giving away health tips on social media and I especially like her Today’s Health Tip podcast (links below). These four topics I picked from her plethora of knowledge will help you get and stay healthy now:

1.Could it be mold exposure or Biotoxin Illness (like Lyme disease)?

2.Sleep – why it’s crucial to detox.

3.Hydration – what kind of water matters!

4.What comes out the other end tells your health story.

5. Fixing your five pillars of health. Let’s listen in and keep our bodies healthy.

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(3:20) Melissa’s knowledge & experience in becoming a Integrative Health Practitioner for her clients.

(4:50) Understanding Lyme Disease & Biotoxin Illness Recovery from chemicals, mold, ticks, etc.

(15:30) Pooping: what is healthy regarding frequency, etc.; and what it means.

(18:10) How to your body’s required minerals through water.

(21:10) Melissa’s One-minute Wellness Assessment Questionnaire; How it will help you.

(22:10) The changes you will experience after working with Melissa for 2-3 months.

(26:50) How your better health with lower physical and mental stress.

(29:40) Why working with Melissa can reduce your medication use.

(33:50) Melissa’s takeaways.