How Foods cause Stress. A Clip by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Certain foods help you relax or cause stress in the body.

The normal American diet is fast food: the drive thru, microwaved or a quick pizza.  These foods contain oils, sugars etc. and sometimes no minerals and vitamins essential for health.  Digesting these foods sends a nerve response to the brain to release stress hormones (cortisol, catecholamines).

A consistent diet in these foods keeps our body in a stressed state.  The side effects can be muscle/joint pain, tiredness, weight gain, etc.  When this becomes our norm long-term diabetes, high blood pressure and increased chance for stroke/heart attack becomes real.

Eat better foods is one step to relaxing your body.  Click here for this common list.

By feeding your body better foods, your body will increase relaxation hormones to improve your health.  So any health conditions and symptoms you felt above IS REVERSIBLE by your foods and exercise.

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