How Daniel is Now Pain-Free, Sleeping Better and Relaxed. Daniel’s story How Chiropractic Works. Crooked Spine Show

Is Chiropractic just for pain relief? Daniel doesn’t agree. He practices yoga, breathing exercises and positive mindset control.  But his neck, back and knee pain stopped him from feeling mentally and physically healthy.  This episode is an example of the secondary benefits from Chiropractic treatments to improve your quality of life.

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Highlights: +1.40

(3:20) Daniel’s pre-treatment self-treatment to relieve pain.

(4:20) His first visit; step-by-step.

(6:10) How Daniel’s x-rays linked to his problems.

(7:20) Now, how chiropractic helped Daniel.

(8:40) Benefits for your mood, sleep.

(11:10) You, doing the work to get and stay pain-free, strong, and happy.