Hip & Knee Help after Injury or Surgery @Gibson May ’18 with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Hip or knee pain tells us not to move, and most doctors will agree.  And medications will be prescribed.  I disagree.  We need circulation to the joint and muscles to allow natural healing and repair.  This is why NOW therapy can be started hours after a surgery.  These exercises described in the podcast, see in the video and detailed exercises below will help you avoid permanent disability and arthritis.

Highlights (podcast times) and detailed videos:

The problems with scar tissue (1:40).

Myth: scar tissue is age related (4:00).

How your hip tightens (6:10).

Your feet effects your knee & hip (8:10). -detailed video

Seated hip stretch, then more (9:55). -detailed video

Importance of stretching (14:55).

Step up exercise for hip strength (17:10).

Kneeling lung exercise for hip strength (21:20). -detailed exercise

Knee strength by this exercise (23:10). -detailed exercise

How exercise prevents scar tissue (31:40).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (32:50).

By performing exercise one the pain is tolerable avoids scar tissue, and long-term, permanent arthritis.  These exercise are your starting point to stretch the joint and muscle. Then loading with your body weight and gym weights gets your hip and knee and the rest of your body strong and healthy.

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