Henry’s Back Pain Solution, and Height Recovery

Being retired, Henry works part-time as a chaplain for a men’s correction facility.  Over the years, he did not worry about staying healthy.  By the time I had seen, Henry felt overweight and tired; he felt he was getting old. 

His exam showed Henry’s posture has become hunched over.  This and his sedentary lifestyle lead to a weaken and painful.  This took years to develop.

Henry’s x-ray analysis supported the poor posture by looking similar to this:

The straightening of his lower back and narrowed disc spacing represents less spinal motion that will cause a weaker back.

Henry is a positive and disciplined person, so it was easy to start chiropractic adjustments and exercises to stretch and strengthen his back.

After 4+ weeks allowed Henry to be pain-free and a better posture.  This caused Henry’s friends to say, “you look taller.”

Watch Henry tell his story….

Each person is at a unique state of health.

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