Healing thru Massage and Yoga @The Healing Touch Yoga Studio | Crooked Spine Show

THT studio helps people heal physically then mentally to enjoy life in a relaxed and happy state. The different types of massage and Yoga classes help you find your way to peace; then be a good spiritual state to benefit the people around you.

Contact and connect with the owner Guadalupe at the THT Studio:
869 E Foothill Blvd Ste H, Upland, CA 91786
(323) 448-0026

HIghlights (podcast times):
(1:25) Focus on the Release benefits.
(3:00) New moon workshop-how it helps the body.
(6:40) Massage: long-term benefits for body & mind.
(10:10) Studio for stress, anxiety, athletes.
(12:55) For both sexes, yoga benefits.
(14:55) Sound therapy benefits.
(16:50) Giving it time for long-term health.
(19:30) When we would meditate; breathing.
(22:40) Why people make THT their home.
(24:50) Specialty yoga & meditation classes.
(26:50) Benefits for different ages; then their family, friends.
(36:35) Guadalupe’s Caf’e Yoga for the community.
(38:10) THT helps National Core Community of kids.
(44:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

How do you get healthy? Yes, we need to get and stay strong. THT studio helps the body and mind stay relaxed through meditation, yoga, massage, and sound therapy. These therapy keep relax and stay strong to stay healthy as you tolerate the stress of your life.

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