Having a Healthy Heart. @Brookdale Feb. ’20. Crooked Spine Show

First signs of a heart problems is usually a heart attack. Because it is difficult to know if you have a heart problem, your doctor (even urgent care) can easily check your heart with an EKG, etc. in their office.  Here are some ways to lower your risk of a heart attack, and keep your heart healthy -from my personal experience.

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(2:15) Taste buds -why we like bad foods.

(8:00) Healthy alternatives to flavor foods.

(10:40) Can the average American diet cause a heart attack? -my story.

(13:15) Good proteins, fats, oils for your heart.

(17:50) Choosing foods from today’s menu.

(19:20) Why foods that have a short shelf life is good.

(21:50) Importance of specific exercises.

(23:50) Measuring your amount of exercise for heart health.

(26:00) Seeing your doctor, first, when having any heart health signs.

(31:30) Quick review.

(33:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.