Have a Chronic Health Condition? Be Proactive with a Personalized Health Advocate . Rachel Horton explains. Crooked Spine Show

Meet Rachel Horton.  She is a Lyme Disease & Chronic Fatigue patient, managing complex diagnoses by taking back her health.  Now Rachel pays it forward by helping people understand how to regain their health when dealing with any medical condition.

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(3:30) Rachel’s own health recovery story 14 years ago.

(8:30) Finding hope through others and a positive community; how Rachel started hers.

(18:20) Example of Rachel’s personalized way to help a client move more.

(20:15) Helping clients create their health journey by answering these questions.

(21:25) How Rachel starts with her clients; when a client’s mind and actions shift.

(29:00) The core elements Rachel focusses on with clients.

(33:50) The small things that add up for better longevity.

(35:00) Rachel explains her FREE sleep guide (link above).

(39:00) How Rachel helps you build a health team and why it is important.